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BulNoso is a member of International Federation of Infection Control (IFIC)

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In 2017 the BAPIC - BulNoso joined as a member the World Federation for Hospital Sterilization Sciences, WFHSS

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The initial issue of the specialized series BulNoso Academy.


We are pleased to offer you our attempt to collect in a tool with this format the Medical standards and some recommendations for infection prevention, so we hope to be useful to your daily practice.


Първият тематичен брой от поредицата БулНозо Академия.


С настоящото издание се опитахме да съберем в помагало с формат А5 Медицинския стандарт и редица препоръки за превенция на инфекциите. Надяваме се така да сме полезни за ежедневната ви практика.

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